How To Be a Rockstar On Google Plus

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Image Courtesy of Adam Eyster

Google Plus is perceived as Facebook’s unpopular cousin but there’s still an enormous amount of value provided by this social network. In May 2013 the Google Plus platform had 343 million active users and this number is expected to grow drastically in the next few years. It may take time to drive referral traffic and leads to your website but its certainly worth an investment of your time. The following are ways to enter the Google Plus space with a vengeance.
Most organizations that create a Google Plus campaign will begin with no fan base or following. A great way to draw followers to your organization is by joining a community that is relevant to your business. People who join Google Plus Communities are there to talk about, and view specific information. Don’t ever forget that!

Choosing The Right Google Plus Community

When arriving to a G+ community there are a few indicators of whether or not you should invest your time in this location.
  1. Is anyone there? Be sure to review the amount of people in the community. Keep in mind that a group of 5,000 people means nothing if no one is interacting.
  2. Are people “Plussing” each others post? If the majority of posting have no, or little “Plus One” action on them, I would exit that community as fast as you entered it. What’s the point of sharing something if no one is going to even look at it.
  3. Are people commenting? Commenting takes a lot of effort and if people are commenting in a community, then you might want to stick around.
  4. Images or Links? Do you notice people link dropping in this community or investing the time to upload beautiful pictures? Anyone can drop a link into Google Plus and hit the share button. If people are taking the time to upload a snazzy image and add a thought provoking question or statement, this community may have high hopes.

Know Your Audience

If you sell men’s fashion accessories it would be advantageous to join the Men’s Fashion and Lifestyle community on Google Plus. This Google+ community has a great mix of things going on. There are over 49k members in this group which consist of consumers and brands. There is a list of posting guidelines, awesome pictures of new stylish clothing and accessories, plussing galore, commenting, and sharing! All of the community members are stoked to view new styles in men’s fashion.

This group loves high quality images of shirts, watches, gift ideas, sweaters, sports coats, shoes, sweatshirts, sunglasses, vests, bags, and more! It’s almost a guaranteed win if you have any of these things to share. The only rules you need to abide by are:

  • Be RespectfulBe a rockstar on Google Plus
  • No Spam Links or Link-Litter
  • No Self Promotion Spam
  • Don’t Over-Post
  • Don’t Post Duplicate Content
  • Use Correct Categories
  • Stay on Topic

Seriously, those are the actual rules! Be sure you’re not the guy who posts something about ladies fashion because it’s not cool. If you click on the image to the right you will notice someone flagging this post. There are communities for ladies fashion. Why waste your time?

Be a rockstar on Google Plus

Great Images Make the Difference

An arsenal of great images can make all the difference in a Google+ post. Quality images that show something amazing, powerful, beautiful, breathtaking, moving, unique, or even something plain with a unique angle, can make a huge difference in the response you receive. The photo to your left seems simple enough yet it was able to generate 64 plusses, 12 shares, and 15 comments. This nicely assembled wardrobe took time to create, and people appreciate that. By understanding what others are doing, you will hopefully gain an advantage in your own campaign.
Google Plus can be a very fun place if you hang out with people who have similar interests. Be sure to “Plus” other people’s postings that are appropriate and appealing to your brand.
Be sure to comment on others peoples Google Plus posts as well. People view the Plusses they’ve received and take notice of repeat Plussers. Many people receive emails of new pluses throughout the day as well. When you hit the Plus Button your face or your company logo can now be seen by others in the community.
Not every post is going to be a home run, and different products have varying limitations. Be sure to find the people and companies that will find your product or service useful. Understanding your buyer persona will help you narrow your search to appropriate communities.
The photo below displays several examples of recent success that I’ve had on Google Plus over the past few months. Although I can’t broadcast the names of my clients I’d be happy to discuss some of the tactics I’ve used to attain this engagement. The ability to attract people to these Google Plus posts took time and research. Although these wins haven’t let to thousands of website referrals, I have been noticing a more and more people from Google Plus making their way to my clients website.
One of my clients even received a comment from a gentleman requesting information about their B2B services. This was proof Google Plus has the ability to drive valuable leads. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have traction right away. Be sure to take notice of the rockstars of each Google Google Plus Community you enter. Google Plus success

Have you had recent success or failures with a recent Google Plus post or campaign? Please feel free to leave your thoughts and ideas below or connect with me by filling out the following form.