Oracle’s Modern Marketing Tour Comes to Boston

Oracle Modern Marketing Tour BostonSeventy-eight percent of CMOs believe in content marketing, one of the many statistics shared during Oracle’s Modern Marketing Tour. On May 6th 2014, Oracle hosted a full day of learning, networking, and idea sharing at the Sheraton Hotel in Boston, MA.

During one of the many break-out sessions, Eloqua team member Jody Mooney shared additional statistics and tactics on how to best educate prospective buyers. She hosted an open and collaborative discussion, which included written work for the audience, and encouraged us to answer important questions about our own potential buyers.

As we discussed, the levels of the buyer stage were:   1.Interest  2.Learn  3.Evaluate  4.Justify  5.Purchase.

At each level of the buying process, we were encouraged to ask:

  • What’s on the buyer’s mind at this stage?
  • What unique story can I tell in order to answer the buyer’s questions?
  • What are the best types of content to tell my story at each stage?

Although almost everyone in the audience believed that content marketing was a good idea, 58% of marketers think it’s ineffective (according to Oracle research). Jody’s session focused on delivering the right message, to the right people, at the right time.

In order to do this, you need to create different messages for those at different stages in the buying process:

Buying Stages

This session encouraged the audience to map out content that they would use to tell their story at various stages. To save creatives time and effort, recycling evergreen content is one tactic. Another is taking past blog posts and slide shows and turning them into ebooks or white papers.

We need to remember that we’re all buyers. We’ll always need to purchase items like computers, cell phones, and transportation and it’s important to understand our own questions and concerns when we need products or services.

What questions do you have when you’re in need of a new computer or mobile phone? Keep in mind that your content should tell a story at various stages of the purchasing process and that you should always have a distribution process for that content.